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Computer Lab & Services

Computer Lab & Services

Computer Lab

The CCLab has MACs and PCs for your convenience. Scanners are available, as are digital cameras. A 5-4x Write CD Duplicator is in the MAC lab for CD creation and copying. There are lab assistants to help you with the software (i.e. Photoshop).

Computer Rentals
Digital Cameras
Video Cameras
Fax Service

Most Campus Copy Centers are equipped with FAX machines. You can send and receive FAXes to just about anywhere. To receive a FAX, be sure that the party sending a fax to you includes a cover sheet with your name and phone number. To send a FAX, simply bring in the document (in good condition, please) and let us do the rest.

THE PRICE: To send/receive a fax it costs $0.50 a sheet, not including the coversheet (plus any additional long distance charges).


The scanners scan exlusively at 600 dpi (the resolution of the printer). Limited
touchup can be done at the printer. These touchups include:

  • Resizing (up to 400%)
  • Rotating (90 deg. increments)
  • Copying
  • Cropping
  • Overlaying photos (transparency)
  • Masking (covering up a portion of the picture)

It is not uncommon for a customer to label their documents with numbers where
they would like to have photos placed. They number the backs of their photos
accordingly, place them in a shoebox and bring them to us to scan into the
document. Please remember to leave room for the picture in the document.

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